WandaVision Season 1 Final Episode – Everything You Need to Know

WandaVision Season 1 Final Episode - Everything You Need to Know

WandaVision Season 1 Final Episode - Everything You Need to Know

WandaVision Season 1 Final Episode – Everything You Need to Know

Now, WandaVision is definitely rolling into its final episode on Friday with a tremendous amount of momentum.

The event series on Disney+ has now become a snowball which of course bounces in unexpected direction.

The show built its buzz on mystery and has landed on emotionally charged performances and writing while answering some of its many questions.

Ahead of the finale, WandaVision director Matt Shakman connected with a source to take a look back and preview what may be coming.

Given how brilliant WandaVision has been, it’s hard to believe the first words out of Shakman’s mouth during the interview were, “I’m sorry.” The director has seen all of the fan theories and speculation surrounding the series, rarely falling into any of the millions of predictions made each week. “I love the memes they have created, the TikTok videos, the theories,” he says. “I mean, my gosh, the people making these theories are more creative than I am, so thank you.”

It seems this sort of true desire to deliver something satisfying is Shakman’s true desire, having taken bold swings throughout WandaVision like filming in front of a live studio audience and making every effort to preserve surprises like the casting of Evan Peters (which ultimately made its way online before the series aired).

“We took every step possible and apparently not enough steps because, you know, it did leak out there and that was a shame because you’re always trying to keep things quiet as long as you can,” Shakman says. “And somehow they kept Luke Skywalker a secret, but we couldn’t keep Evan a secret, which is a real bummer.”

More specifically, the tragic life of Wanda Maximoff which has been merely discussed but never explicitly experienced since her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron has been emotionally front and center.

“Wanda’s trauma is what the show is all about,” Shakman says. “It was hard to talk about in press early on when we are just talking about sitcom episodes, but it’s the through line for the whole show.”

In the most recent episode, titled, “Previously On,” WandaVision exposed Wanda’s trauma and took a look at her efforts to suppress harsh memories. Rolling into the finale, the character’s arc will be in focus.

“I certainly hope that people find it to be a satisfying conclusion,” Shakman says of the final WandaVision episode. “Hopefully it all feels that it’s been building momentum and snowballing towards the end.

It is continuing to deal with how do you deal with grief and loss and come back from that.

And then we’ve introduced some new players on the table as well, or revealed aspects of certain players on the table.”

WandaVision is of course definitely with no doubt one of the most popular show right now and lot of people are loving it all around the world.

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